Eagle Blanket Portfolio Rental Loans

  1. Purpose: cash out rental portfolio to buy more properties or refinance/consolidate multiple rental loans
  2. Seasoning: varies: from 30 days (with seasoning, you  can borrow 70 to 75% of appraised value instead of purchase price)
  3. 4.99% (Variable) 5.99% Fixed to 7.5% (Depends on property location/condition and borrower credit score/experience)
  4. Minimum 3 properties 
  5. Mulltifamily 5-20 units - $30,000+ per unit; Other property types $75,000 per unit
  6. 1 to 4 unit residential, condos & townhouse rentals
  7. No owner occupied
  8. Term: 5,10 or 30 years
  9. 30 year amortization 
  10. Nationwide (except Arizona, California, Nebraska, Nevada, North and South Dakota)
  11. Prepayment penalty: none
  12. Loan amounts: $225,000 to $50+ Million
  13. Approvals: 48 hours
  14. Closings: 30 days
  15. Credit score: 640+

We match you with lenders eager to fund your loan. 

Our lenders compete for your business. You get better rates, better terms and a better deal. 

We say "Yes" when other lenders say "NO".

No upfront fees

To speak with a rental portfolio lending expert, please call 609-417-9031, email ejgsrotary@gmail.com or click the blue “Apply Now” button below.