Rental Loans

Most rental investors use non-bank financing because of their speed

We fund within 4 weeks...

  1. No tax returns or income verification 
  2. Higher LTV's: Refinance and cash-outs: up to 80% of Appraised Value with 30 day ownership
  3. Purchases: up to 80% of purchase price
  4. New lower rates starting at 4.99% (variable) or 5.99% Fixed
  5. Non-Owner Occupied 1-4 unit residential, 5+ unit, mixed use, commercial, townhomes, condos, bed and breakfasts and seasonal properties
  6. $75,000 to $20+ Million
  7. Streamlined loan approval 
  8. 640+ credit score
  9. Term: 5 to 30 years
  10. 5/1 ARM or 30 year fixed with no baloons
  11. One property or multiple blanket portfolio 
  12. Nationwide (except Arizona, California, Nebraska, Nevada, North and South Dakota)
  13. Approvals: 24 hours
  14. Closings: 3 weeks
  15. Leased or unleased; must be rent ready

No upfront fees...We do better when you do better!

To speak with a rental lending expert, please call 609-417-9031, email or click the blue “Apply Now” button below.