Eagle Renovate to Rent Loan Program

Best for investors wanting to purchase a rental property in need renovation.

After rehab, you will be able to charge higher rents and use the property's ARV (after repair value instead of purchase price and rehab expenses. 

Upon completion of the rehab and when the property is fully leased, we convert the interest only, no prepayment penalty fix & flip loan to a permanent rental loan. 

  1. Two loans: fix and flip then permanent loan
  2. Click our fix & flip and 1 To 4 Unit Rental Loan links for likely terms 
  3. Propety types: Non-owner occupied 1-4 unit properties and 5+ unit multifamily and mixed use properties
  4. Lending area 43 states
  5. Loan amounts: $75,000 to $20 Million 
  6. Approvals: 24 to 72 hours
  7. Closings: 10  to 15 days for Fix and Flip; 3 to 4 weeks for Rental Loans
  8. No upfront fees; we are paid when your loans close. 

Call us at 609-417-9031. email: ejgsrotary@gmail.com or click below to apply online.