Renovate to Rent Loan Program

Our Fix to Rent combines our Fix to Flip and Rental Loan Programs.

You'll benefit from competitive rates and an easy, reliable process to rehab your property, raise rents after rehab, improve your property's growth potential and refinance at the higher rehabbed appraised value.

Fast and Simple: Apply for a fix to flip loan and when rehab is completed, roll into our 5/1 ARM or 30 year fixed rate rental loan

You have the convenience of one lender for both loans. Discounts! Because you have already chosen to work with us on the fix to flip loan, returning borrowers will get a discount on rental loan fees. 

  1. Please click the blue fix to flip loan and Rental Loan links for more information and likely terms 
  2. Propety types: NOO 1-4 unit properties and 5+ unit multifamily properties
  3. Lending area 44 states
  4. Loan amounts: $100,000 to $100 Million 
  5. Approvals: 24 to 72 hours
  6. Closings: 10  to 20 days for Fix to Flip; 3 to 5 weeks for Rental Loans
  7. No upfront fees; we are paid when your loans close. 

For more information, please call us 609-417-9031. email: or click the button below.