Eagle FREE Proof of Funds Letters for fix & flip, rehab and construction projects:

Eagle provides FREE proof of funds letters for real estate investors to secure purchase agreements for non-owner occupied properties where Eagle will fund their loan.

We'll help you  move quickly to close your deal.

What is a proof of funds letter?

Proof of funds letters are used by borrowers to show sellers they are serious buyers. 

How to request your proof of funds letter

  1. Please request a broker submission form (call, email or click button at bottom of this page); the chart in right hand corner determines your "Advantage Level” (7% to 12%); loans $300,000+ save 1%; 
  2. Driver's license
  3. 2 most recent bank statements to verify required reserves shown on bottom line of broker submission form (down payment + 6 months interest reserves + 10% of construction budget + broker/lender fees);
  4. Purchase agreement or HUD for refinances
  5. Listing link
  6. LLC/Corportion articles of organization, operating agreement and certificate of good standing)
  7. Online application; click:  https://www.limaonecapital.com/application/?r=BR-EJPaul
  8. Complete new application and set up/save your username and password
  9. Please contact us if you have questions or need help completing the items above