Lines of Credit Up to $100 Million with Industry Leading Rates

To Purchase, fix & flip, rehab or construct multiple properties

  1. For experienced investors 
  2. Once apporved, loans close quickly
  3. Non-owner occupied: SFR, 2 ro 30 residential units, condos, townhomes or shovel ready ground up construction 
  4. $50,000 to $3 Million project loans
  5. Funds up to 90% of purchase price plus 95% of rehab
  6. 75% of ARV 
  7. 6.99%+
  8. $750 processing fee (paid to lender not Eagle); we never charge upfront fees and are paid when your loan closes.
  9. Interest only on amount outstanding
  10. 9 months with 3 month extension 
  11. Recourse and non-recourse 
  12. Lending area: Nationwide (except Arizona, California, Nebraska, Nevada, South and North Dakota)
  13. No prepayment penalty after 3 months
  14. Must be titled LLC or corporation at closing
  15. Tax returns only needed to verify experience; not for approval
  16. 48 hour approvals
  17. Closings: 10 to 15 days after credit line approved
  18. 600+ FICO credit score 

No upfront fees...we are paid when your loan is funded. 

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