Construction Equipment Financing

Construction projects require many heavy machines to get the job done. Eagle understands the expense of new construction equipment. That’s why we help contractors find the best financing and leasing solutions. Our affordable monthly payments better your bottom line while still providing the best tools. Our cost-effective programs keep you liquid and on the cutting edge of technology.

We finance:

Leasing lets you work with the most up to date equipment without extravagant costs. When your lease is up, you replace outdated equipment with the latest products available.

We offer competitive rates on our financial products. In addition to our large construction equipment finance options, we work with your vendor to assist you with soft costs such as consumables and installation. This keeps monthly payments as low as possible so you can conserve cash. From road machines to industrial tools, we will structure a financing or leasing plan that works for the tools you need.

No upfront fees. We are paid when your loan is funded

To speak with a construction equipment financing  expert, please call 609-417-9031, email or click the blue “Apply Now” button below.